Our mission is to bring the highest quality, most technologically advanced products to the world of BMX and Freestyle and stay true to the principals Standard was founded on: Quality, Integrity, Pride, Made in the USA.


Founded in 1991 in Davenport, Iowa, Standard Byke Company was conceived out of the down turn in quality of BMX products being produced in the late 1980′s. The Standard philosophy was to create quality products, made in the USA and back them up with riders who knew and used the products on a daily basis. Thus creating an environment in the industry that had never been seen before, a company that rode, tested and improved on its product line on a monthly, weekly sometimes daily basis for the improvement of the product and the advancement of the company; for the good of the sport.


Early on, Standard tried to move ahead of the pack and add some innovations to the sports or BMX and freestyle. In 1992, the Bicycle MotoCross frame, and soon to follow STA, were the first BMX production frames to utilize the threadless fork/stem combo thus changing the industry over night, forever. Innovations in production, design, marketing, advertising and promotion fueled by one the most epic teams in the history of the sport, Standard thrived and grew and dominated.


As the industry changes, the focus of the company has been adapted to met the demands of an ever changing industry. In 2007, the Standard Manufacturing facility was opened in Davenport, Iowa. Bringing all production in house has allowed Standard to change the industry once again by offering customers an "On Demand" option to create their own custom frames as well as still innovate and adapt production frames to meet the needs of the modern riders.