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 I've been going to the BMX Grands since 1980 or 1981 and with Standard Byke Co. since the mid 90's. The trip is a long but eventful one. The races are phenomenal! (I especially like the ROC) The pit area is wild and gets bigger every year. Part of the reason we go is to display and promote our products and support and hang out with our team. The real fun in it all is the people, we celebrate Thanksgiving with the team and friends at the track.  We get to talk to  many people, many of which we only see once a year at the Grands, we get to talk products and about riding. Pretty much anything goes. Every day at the Grands ends up being pretty festive in our pit area. If you happen to be in Tulsa over Thanksgiving weekend stop by our spot and have some fun! 

 Be on the lookout for a live Q&A feed Wednesday night on social media. We had fun with it last year!

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