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In 1980, the British Metal band Diamond Head released an album, Lightning to the Nations which had a song on it call "Its Electric" among others, like "AM I Evil" that Metallica would go on to cover and try to pass off as their own years later. If you were to show up to a Diamond Head or Metallica show back in those days in ANYTHING but a dark black t-shirt like the new Standard Electric S, you would be jumped and probably beaten up with chains from chain wallets and steel toe'd boots. These days, those same zit faced metal heads take their kids to Metallica shows in Las Vegas casinos and the dudes in Diamond Head just played Rock Island Brewing Company, so... you can totally wear the Army Green version of the Electric S to any Metallica, Justin Bieber, Nickel Back or Nicki Minaj lip synch festival and be perfectly fine. Our advice, rock it in the pits, trails or skate park and stay away from aged metal heads and people with fake butt implants.


Available in Dark Metal BLACK and Army GREEN. 

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Diamond Head - Its Electric - Live 02:48

Diamond Head - Its Electric - Live

  • Diamond Head -...
    Diamond Head - Its Electric - Live

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