Evolution and Refinement

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2018 was a great year for us at SBC! We had strong product sales. Our teams did a phenomenal job representing, both as riders on their bikes and good humans off of their bikes. Brandon Roharik made 90% of his pro mains. Zack Gerber unleashed an unbelievable video part. Mitch Pilon logged miles upon miles on our gravel bike test mule. I was inducted into the National BMX Hall of Fame. The team had a great showing at the USABMX Grands with Chris Williams making the vet Pro main after 15 months away from racing due to injury and Brett Scruse made his first trip to the Grands, taking home the big win! 

 2019 brings us to the next step in our evolution and refinement as a company. We recently completed our move to our new riverfront location. This location will feature much better working conditions for everyone involved. We will be focusing on improved customer service including better inventory control of stock items and faster turnaround on custom orders. We will continue to use the finest materials available while continuously refining and improving existing BMX products. We will be developing new BMX products as rider demand dictates. We will also be developing gravel bikes, CX bikes, MTB's and road bikes for the riders that have added these to their riding interests. There are a lot of "BMX minded" riders that are interested in other aspects of riding but don't connect with a lot of the current available bikes. We plan to attend more events around the country as well as hoping to host a couple ourselves. We will be looking forward to seeing everyone out on the road as well as at our new shop. We are really looking forward to a great 2019!



  Our STA500 frame is approaching it's 25th year in production! It started life so many years ago as a jumping frame built for and with input from Jeremy Verhulst. It quickly became our most popular frame and was used for every type of riding. Races have even been won on STA500's! Though refined and [...]

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 I've been going to the BMX Grands since 1980 or 1981 and with Standard Byke Co. since the mid 90's. The trip is a long but eventful one. The races are phenomenal! (I especially like the ROC) The pit area is wild and gets bigger every year. Part of the reason we go is to [...]

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Blog 2018! Let's get this going!

Here I am in the middle of folding incoming soft goods! I get excited like a little kid when we get new goodies! Not for selling them but for wearing them! I'll be trying to keep this Blog fresh with news, thoughts, updates and more. Message me on social media and let me know if [...]

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Joey Cordova sends in the best photos!

Joey Cordova sent us this sick shot form his trails. Too damn cool!

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Joey Cordova edit!

Check this out! Super smooth, great style. Has great trails too!

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Shane Conlon pics!

Our Australian shredder of many years sent us a few pics we thought we should share! 

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Joey Cordova at the PlusSizeBMX Outlaws of Dirt trail jam!

Joey Cordova riding the trails he built for the PlusSizeBMX Outlaws of Dirt jam. He placed 3rd in the jam as well. Nice job Joey!

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Ben Eylander rocks Baco!

Ben Eyelander with a 5 flair on his way to a first place finish in the pro class at the Baco jam this past weekend! Congrat's Ben! We also have to give a shout out to Glenn Salyers for pulling off a 3rd as well! Good job guys!

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Joey Cordova joins the Standard Army!

 We are very happy to announce that California's Joey Cordova is joining the Standard Army! Joey runs his own set up so look for him to be sending in some wild shots and getting his shred on aboard his 2014 Trail Boss! We are very stoked to have this trail ripper representing us! 

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